E Source, a utilities-focused consulting, research, and data science company has delivered Phase 1 of the planned two-phase implementation of the State of New York’s Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR) platform in coordination with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). This centralized statewide platform provides access to energy-related data from various public and private sources, including utilities, distributed energy resource (DER) providers, government agencies, and consumers. Awarded the contract in October 2022 by NYSERDA, E Source leads the Solution Architect and Development team with partners UtilityAPI, Flux Tailor, and TRC Companies.

The IEDR platform is a secure, searchable, and centralized repository of energy-related data from the state’s electric, gas, and steam utilities and nonutility entities. Designed to support energy affordability, clean energy acceleration, and system reliability, it’s the first instance where data from electrical systems, DER devices, rate plans, and customers will be available statewide, consistently, securely, and in a single source.

The functionality enabled by data from the IEDR will be used by state agencies, DER providers, utilities, and utility customers to accelerate the cleantech market, helping New York achieve its clean energy goals outlined in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. The IEDR platform aggregates and standardizes data useful to each constituency, aiding in renewable investment decisions and project planning, monitoring the effectiveness of policy objectives, and better serving the clean energy needs of disadvantaged communities.

For example, the new Electric Infrastructure Assessment Tool enables solar developers and other DERs to locate ideal project sites in just a few keystrokes, compared to legacy manual approaches involving phone calls, emails, and thousands of pages of nonsearchable PDF content. Using this tool with other platform data such as planned and completed DER projects, renewable energy developers, including community solar, storage, and solar-plus-storage providers, can site and permit their projects faster and with lower costs.

Dave Perotti, CEO of E Source, said, “Being appointed as the solution and development lead of the IEDR platform is a testament to the success of our transformation from a research-focused business to a comprehensive solutions provider. Our work with NYSERDA builds on E Source’s proven track record of developing and implementing breakthrough solutions to support a range of ambitious energy goals. With our capabilities and mission centered on helping clients make and implement better data-driven decisions, E Source is a perfect match for the full vision of the IEDR to inform investment decisions, identify operational inefficiencies, monitor the effectiveness of policy objectives, promote innovation, and encourage new business models.”

Phase 2 development has begun and will expand and enhance the IEDR platform to include approximately 40 additional scenarios by July 2026.

Doreen Harris, president and CEO of NYSERDA, said, “The implementation of Phase 1 of the Integrated Energy Data Resource platform advances an important step for the continued growth of New York’s clean energy industry by providing access to data that allows stakeholders to consider this information when considering new programs and services. NYSERDA looks forward to continuing to work with E Source and its partners to grow the platform’s available use cases as we begin work on Phase 2 development.”

Building on the foundation of Phase 1, Phase 2 planned functionality will grow to include data on electricity consumption, renewable energy installations, greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency metrics, and more.

“We’re proud to support the success of the IEDR platform and excited to build on that success in Phase 2, working closely with NYSERDA and our development partners,” said Adam Stotz, chief technology officer at E Source. “A successful Phase 1 saw the delivery of critical functions to streamline the siting and permitting of renewable energy projects and a searchable database of rate plan options across New York utilities. Phase 2 will bring an order of magnitude more data into the platform and accelerate increasingly valuable features for our users.”

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