E Source, a leading provider of data-driven solutions for utilities, announces its latest strategic move by acquiring UMS Group, an industry leader in utility consultancy. This acquisition enhances E Source’s services to major investor-owned electric, water, and gas utilities, emphasizing C-suite-level strategic and operational excellence with expertise in areas such as change management, process design and improvement, wildfire risk reduction, and advanced AI modeling for EV adoption.

“By bringing UMS Group into E Source, we’re reaffirming our commitment to delivering the most comprehensive solutions to utilities,” says Dave Perotti, CEO of E Source. “This acquisition amplifies our ability to empower utilities in a rapidly changing energy landscape, particularly in the face of pressing challenges like climate change, renewable energy adoption, and asset management.”

Over its 34-year history, UMS Group has served hundreds of utilities in North America and internationally. It recently helped most of the 15 largest utilities in the US solve some of the complex energy challenges facing the industry today. Key highlights of UMS Group’s contributions to the utility industry include the following.

Wildfire risk reduction. In an era dominated by climate change, UMS Group has taken a lead role in mitigating wildfire risk for utilities.

Asset management excellence. UMS Group has been instrumental in the development and deployment of the ISO 55001 standard for utility asset management.

Renewable energy integration. UMS Group has played a pivotal role in helping utilities safely retire coal operations while achieving substantial cost savings and better integration of renewable energy sources.

Advanced AI modeling. UMS Group’s advanced AI modeling has assisted clients across the US and Canada in better predicting EV adoption to meet increasing customer demand.

Operational excellence and change management. UMS Group leverages its operational expertise to identify and drive substantial transformation initiatives while prioritizing change impacts for utilities and their front-line staff.

“Over the past 34 years, we have worked hard to establish UMS Group as one of the preeminent consulting and solution providers for the global utility industry,” says Jack Shearman, founder and CEO of UMS Group. “By joining E Source, we look forward to continuing our valuable strategic work for clients while being able to expand our reach and deepen our thought leadership delivery in the electric, water, and gas utility sectors.”

About E Source

E Source blends industry-leading research, predictive data science, and solution services to help utilities make better decisions to support their customers, their bottom line, and our planet. With a data-first approach and a commitment to practical innovation, we use more than three decades of utility-focused experience and our unique solution set to help clients achieve their goal of becoming a Sustainable Utility. E Source is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with offices across the US.

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About UMS Group

UMS Group is a globally recognized utility management consultancy with an impressive track record of serving major utilities across the US, Canada, and other countries. Its expertise extends across a wide spectrum of utility management challenges—from wildfire risk reduction and asset management excellence to renewable energy integration and advanced AI modeling. With a global presence and a commitment to industry best practices, UMS Group is a trusted partner for utilities worldwide.

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