UtiliWorks Consulting has announced a new engagement with the City of Santa Barbara, California, marking its 100th utility client milestone. The city selected UtiliWorks as its integration specialist to provide guidance and oversight to successfully manage the technical aspects of the city’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project.

“The City of Santa Barbara is excited to work with UtiliWorks on its AMI project. UtiliWorks’ wealth of AMI knowledge, industry expertise, and client references give us great confidence that they will be able to successfully support the City of Santa Barbara’s transition to AMI,” says Joshua Haggmark, water resources manager for the City of Santa Barbara.

This project will help to improve the customer experience for the 90,000 residents who rely on the City of Santa Barbara to deliver water service in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. UtiliWorks has worked with many utilities to migrate to AMI. The company’s subject-matter experts are knowledgeable in every level of utility service, combining hands-on experience across a multitude of technology platforms with an understanding of the processes and policies necessary to optimize performance.

“UtiliWorks is excited to assist the City of Santa Barbara as it adapts this new technology. Many utilities have taken the leap to invest in their infrastructure to make their operations more efficient and sustainable,” says Dale Pennington, president and founder of UtiliWorks. “With that comes the challenges of integration, reorienting business processes, stakeholder messaging, and channeling the huge volumes of data in order to create the maximum value for the utility and its customers. I think that’s what sets UtiliWorks apart. We understand how impactful the technology can be, but our focus is and will always be on the people needed to make these changes successful.”

Over the past 15 years, UtiliWorks has been at the forefront of the transitional utility technology landscape. The company has helped utilities and cities effectively upgrade from traditional metering to automated meter reading (AMR); from AMR to AMI; and from AMI to smart grids, water, and gas. The company now has its sights set on smart cities. Pennington states that UtiliWorks will continue to stay ahead of the curve by expanding its service offerings as the market evolves.

About UtiliWorks

UtiliWorks Consulting is a professional services firm formed in 2005 that leverages business and technology solutions to strategically enhance operations for utilities and their cities. UtiliWorks provides feasibility studies, procurement, project management, field services, integration expertise, business process reengineering, awareness and education support, and utility and smart city assessment tools to utilities and municipalities throughout the US and abroad. E Source—the Boulder, Colorado–based firm specializing in providing market research, analytics, and consulting for the utility industry—acquired UtiliWorks in February 2020.

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