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At the E Source Forum 2019, we interviewed some of our session speakers about key points in their presentations.

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An untapped resource lurks in your customers’ garages and basements: water heaters. Controlling these water heaters can provide load-shifting, peak-shaving, and other grid benefits with minimal customer impact, but utilities are just beginning to unlock their potential. In this session, we discussed innovative approaches to water heater load management and explored the value these programs deliver to utilities and their customers.

After the session, we asked Pradeep Vitta of Southern Company a few questions about the discussion. Check out his video responses below. And if you’re an E Source member, visit the E Source Forum 2019 page to download the session presentation.

  • What is the difference between the API approach and the CTA-2045 approach and the benefits of both when it comes to water heater connectivity? (0:11)
  • What primary results from pilot projects can you share? (2:25)
  • What are the key takeaways from your Grid-Interactive Water Heater Pilot? (4:11)