Resilience planning and preparedness open up new avenues for you to help customers anticipate and respond to a changing climate. In this session we went beyond the buzzword and discussed how you can recognize and capitalize on opportunities to build resilience among various customer groups.

After the session, we asked Lisa Martin of Austin Energy a few questions about the discussion. Check out her video responses below. And if you’re an E Source member, visit the E Source Forum 2019 page to download the session presentation.

  • How do you successfully stack benefits for the utility and the customer with commercial-scale battery storage? (0:11)
  • What is the SOLACE project and how does it aim to create a system that operates in normal and emergency circumstances? (1:46)
  • What is the Mueller neighborhood and how does Austin Energy study the impact of energy storage within it? (4:09)
  • Pilot projects can add a lot of distributed energy resources into the system. What are you learning about ensuring that the grid still operates well during these studies? (5:30)