What a year 2023 was! Judging from our most popular blog posts, utility professionals had a lot on their minds. Our most popular post spotlighted Duquesne Light Co.’s grid modernization journey, and several posts about data science made the top 10. This is great to see because it will be crucial for utilities to make data-driven decisions in 2024.

Other popular topics in 2023 were (not surprisingly) EVs and mobility, updates on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), affordability and equity, the next phase of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and celebrating utility achievements in employee and customer experience.

We look forward to another year of serving up insightful and engaging content. Is there something you want us to cover on the blog in 2024? Drop a comments below and let us know! We’d love to hear from you. Without further ado, check out the most popular posts of 2023.

Powering the future: Duquesne Light Co.’s quest for grid modernization with continuous innovation

Devon Grodkiewicz

For this post, E Source’s Devon Grodkiewicz sat down with Dr. Elizabeth Cook, director of advanced grid systems at Duquesne Light Co. (DLC), to talk about the utility’s pursuit of continuous innovation and approach to grid modernization. The story began when Dr. Cook joined DLC’s journey of continuous innovation seven years ago, fueled by a vision nicely encapsulated in her own words: “The North Star is to have full situational awareness to the edge of the grid.” Read the interview.

5 critical steps to take on your utility’s AMI 2.0 journey

Mark Hatfield, Joel Westvold

Utilities are starting to upgrade their existing AMI systems to get next-generation benefits and capabilities, also known as AMI 2.0. These legacy systems are either approaching the end of life or simply not providing all desired functionality. The blog post’s authors explored what AMI 2.0 is (and isn’t!) and summarized the five steps you should consider as your utility embarks on its AMI 2.0 journey. Read the post.

Utility customers still have a lot to learn about EVs, and utilities can help them

Paige Martin Cox

Customer awareness of and interest in buying EVs has never been higher. More and more residential customers are considering buying or leasing an EV for the first time, and many are considering adding another to their household. But there’s still a gap in understanding the future of the residential EV market among utilities. With a large impact on demand likely, utilities must be prepared to support customers’ transition to efficient, electrified technologies. Read the full article.

One year in: Analyzing the IRA through the lens of affordability and equity

Sannie Sieper, Ben Nathan, Jamie Wimberly

August 16, 2023, marked the one-year anniversary of the passage of the IRA. For perspective on how this milestone legislation is impacting energy affordability and equity issues, we checked in with two of E Source’s leading authorities on the subject: Jamie Wimberly, senior vice president of Utility Customer Strategy, and Ben Nathan, director of Affordability and Equity. Read the full interview.

How utilities can detect and predict Level 2 EV charger activity to improve capacity planning and grid impacts

Will Gifford, Bryan Jungers

EVs are on the rise, and with them Level 2 chargers. And while individual EVs have a minimal impact on the grid, higher concentrations and an increase of Level 2 chargers can stress the distribution system. The uneven distribution of EVs will present challenges (and opportunities) for utilities in capacity planning and managing the evolving energy landscape. A data-driven approach can help. Read the blog post.

Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience: 2023 honorees

Lisa Schulte, Laurie Day

To celebrate CX Day, we honored the 2023 winners of the E Source Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience. Each year we celebrate the great work utilities are doing to create excellent experiences for their customers and provide a supportive and engaging workplace for their employees. Read about 2023’s honorees.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves: A closer look at this year’s inspiring Forum keynote sessions

Sara Patnaude

In the weeks leading up to the E Source Forum 2023, we shared a closer look at our keynote sessions and speakers. Led by thought leaders who thrive on provoking new ideas, our keynotes aimed to leave attendees ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. This year’s speakers weren’t shy about addressing the challenges the utility sector is facing and will face in the new year. Read the full post.

What’s new in AMI 2.0: Meter advancements and the paths that lay ahead

Mark Hatfield, Joel Westvold

The transition to AMI 2.0 is looming for many utilities and is definitely on the minds of utility leaders. More specifically, some may be wondering what’s to come. How will technology evolve? What path is the right one to take for AMI 2.0? In this blog post, we explored the strategic pathways to adopting AMI 2.0—from enhancing existing systems to full-scale replacements—prioritizing aligning your AMI 2.0 vision with the needs of your utility. Read the blog post.

Energy Efficiency Day 2023: How utilities can use big data to solve big problems

Kyle Shoff

To celebrate Energy Efficiency Day 2023, we explored the ways utilities fully support the mission with diverse sets of incentive programs that help their customers manage energy use. With so many trends impacting how customers engage with their electric utility, getting customers to participate in voluntary programs can be a major challenge. But a data-driven approach can help. Read the full post.

Knowing SMB customers’ unique needs is the driving force for strengthening CSAT and regulatory outcomes

Michael Carter

There’s a strong correlation between how utility customers are treated (or how they feel they’re treated) and how those customers score their utilities on customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys. It’s critical for utility personnel to grasp that while CSAT is a great measure, there’s a more impactful correlation to focus on: the one between customer satisfaction and authorized return on equity. Read the full story.

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