Mark Hatfield has 20 years of experience in utility operational technologies. His expertise includes project management, business-process modeling, requirements definition, business-case development, vendor selection, integration and implementation planning, system configuration, deployment strategies, and project audits. He has developed product roadmaps and project-implementation methodologies and is an expert at IT integrations. Mark’s specialty is helping customers acquire and deploy smart grid solutions. He recently created the overall AMI vision, phased implementation schedule, business case development, vendor selection strategy, and request-for-proposal process. And Mark also recently provided consulting and vendor selection support for business case development, technology acquisition, and AMI planning. He has Masters and Bachelor degrees in geography from the University of Illinois and the US Air Force Academy, respectively.

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What’s new in AMI 2.0: Meter advancements and the paths that lay ahead

Mark Hatfield, Joel Westvold
October 31, 2023

The transition to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) 2.0 is looming for many utilities and is definitely on the minds of most. More specifically, some may be wondering what’s to come. Let’s explore a couple of the paths available to adopting AMI 2.0 and how they might align with your priorities.

5 critical steps to take on your utility’s AMI 2.0 journey

Mark Hatfield, Joel Westvold
July 26, 2023

Utilities are upgrading existing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems with next-generation AMI, also known as AMI 2.0. In this blog post, we dive into the five steps you should consider when embarking on an AMI 2.0 journey at your utility.

5 reasons utilities should hire consultants to tackle challenging projects

Mark Hatfield
December 21, 2022

When faced with a huge project—especially one that requires the sourcing and implementation of new technologies—we strongly recommend utilities hire a consultant. Why? Here are our top five reasons.