Sara Patnaude is responsible for the E Source blog, case studies, and all other marketing collateral. Prior to joining E Source, Sara was the content and event specialist for Energy Federation Inc. (EFI) where she led the strategy for the blog, social media, and collateral. She also planned logistics for EFI’s presence at all conferences and events. Sara graduated from Framingham State University in Massachusetts with a BA in English and communications.

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Need a good reason to attend the E Source Forum 2022? We’ll give you 10!

Sara Patnaude
June 29, 2022

The E Source Forum 2022 is coming up quick! If you’re still on the fence about attending this fall, we’ve got 10 compelling reasons why you should join us this year.

Navigating the unknowns of the battery market through forecasting

Sara Patnaude
June 8, 2022

The battery industry is undergoing a big change. With all the uncertainty and price fluctuation, it’s more important than ever before for utilities to confidently forecast market conditions and inputs. Learn how E Source can help navigate this in our interview with battery expert Sam Jaffe.

Understanding low- and moderate-income customers’ needs through data science and ethnography

Sara Patnaude
May 25, 2022

To best serve low- and moderate-income (LMI) customers, utilities need to understand them at a granular level. Data science and ethnography can help us treat LMI customers as an Audience of One so we can develop holistic, equitable solutions that will address the root causes of LMI challenges.

Submit your utility advertisement campaigns to the redesigned Energy AdVision tool today

Sara Patnaude
May 11, 2022

E Source Energy AdVision will change the way you develop your marketing campaigns—and it’s now better than ever with its recent redesign!

The three Ps of outage management: Prevention, prediction, and proactive communication

Sara Patnaude
April 27, 2022

Through data science and machine learning, there’s a better way to get ahead of outages and manage risk. We call it the three Ps of outage management: prevention, prediction, and proactive communication.