The pressures of flat-to-declining load growth, grid modernization, and COVID-19 impacts result in recurring needs for electric transmission and distribution (T&D) and gas local distribution companies. Our artificial intelligence (AI)–driven approach combines proprietary external data with your internal asset and operational data to create predictive data models and algorithms that can help reduce operational costs while maintaining or improving system reliability.

We help cities and utilities prepare for grid impacts

With our expertise in your corner, you can:

Reduce operations and maintenance costs and improve reliability without sacrificing safety or customer satisfaction

Minimize the impact of unplanned work by being proactive

Optimize capital investment to better manage customer prices over the long term

Our data-science-as-a-service solutions

We take a unique data-science-as-a-service (DSaaS) approach to improving your utility’s T&D business operations. We structure our solutions as capital expenses and can deploy with little IT involvement to accelerate use case speed to value. Our solutions help in five key areas.

Vegetation management

Using sophisticated AI models to improve vegetation management, we can accurately predict where, when, and why vegetation-induced outages will occur, allowing you to:

  • Reduce vegetation management costs by more than 20%
  • Improve reliability by targeting high-risk spans and danger trees
  • Optimize midcycle or hazard-tree budgets for quick wins
  • Understand the implications of budget changes through scenario planning
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance

Gas leak prediction

Predict and plan where gas leaks are likely to occur, months in advance, so you can:

  • Staff your leak-detection and repair teams with accuracy boosts of up to 15% and save countless resources in reduced overtime and contract labor
  • Optimize call and support center staffing by knowing when and what type of requests will arrive

Storm-outage prediction

Proactively plan for storms with reliable power-outage forecasts that support crew staffing and positioning based on impact, enabling you to:

  • Optimize your storm response to improve safety and reduce costs while benefiting customers
  • Understand the baseline risk of your entire distribution grid for better grid asset management
  • Gain first-mover advantage and improved accuracy on mutual assistance needs

Grid investment optimization

Prioritize your investments to achieve the greatest impact and:

  • Optimize your key performance metrics by focusing investments where they’re needed most, improving grid asset management
  • Reduce costly field inspections and unnecessary placement of preventative equipment like avian guards and lightning arrestors
  • Enable condition-based maintenance work
  • Ensure reliability and network resilience

Maintenance unitization

Minimize the variance in time and cost for similar work across regions, allowing you to:

  • Reduce deviations in actual-to-scheduled hours to improve budgeting
  • Identify regional best practices and implement them across your entire territory
  • Reduce contract expenses by 5% to 15% with data-driven performance metrics

What our customers say

The agile data science process was a game changer for us. Even though we were busy hiring data scientists, we were running into problems pointing them in the right direction. E Source solved that.

—Large mid-Atlantic utility

E Source has brought data analytics expertise to us in a way that we could not realize internally. This partnership has driven out new observations on core business and pushed innovative solutions to both new and existing problems.

—Large Southeastern utility

We’re on your team

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