This is the logo for the E Source Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience awards

The E Source 2022 Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience awards is now closed. Members of the E Source Contact Center Optimization, Customer Experience Strategy, Distributed Energy Resource Strategy, or E-Channel Services can check out past contest winners.

If you’re working on improving your customer or employee experience, we want to know about it! Fill out the form below and we’ll notify you when the E Source 2023 Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience awards opens.

What we’re looking for

Tell us about your program and we’ll consider it for an Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience award. We’ll honor utilities for their work in two categories.

Achievements in Customer Experience. This celebrates excellence in customer experience management efforts within the industry, highlighting tactics and programs that enhance customers’ experiences across key journeys such as billing, payment, web/mobile experience, start-stop service, new construction, community interaction and services, outage management, and communications. And if you successfully implemented a technology project, like a customer information system (CIS), that enables you to better serve customers in the long run we’d also love to hear about it.

Achievements in Employee Experience. This celebrates innovative methods in employee engagement that result in a favorable customer experience. This award highlights utilities that are working hard to engage, enable, educate, empower, and reward employees to provide exceptional customer service.

Our judges will evaluate submissions based on:

  • Unique approaches and creativity
  • Whether the project affected multiple areas of the organization
  • Metrics and results of the work
  • Overall impression

For more information about the awards, contact us.