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The E Source team of technology experts provide guidance on the technologies utilities consider for their programs. We monitor the developments and changes in technologies ranging from HVAC and building controls to appliances, electronics, lighting, and electric vehicles. Our research and tools deliver actionable information to help your entire team understand the complexities of end-use technologies.

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The E Source Technology Assessment Service provides you with objective, accurate, and defensible research and analysis about energy-consuming products and services. You'll get information on the latest technology developments, technical advice, and tips to avoid getting burned by "black-box" products, allowing you to conserve precious staff time and resources.

Research Library

Because technologies change quickly, we frequently publish reports covering the latest developments in how residential, commercial, and industrial customers are using energy. We also highlight opportunities afforded by new technologies and warn of pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

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Membership gives you direct access to our industry experts for unlimited questions in the area of end-use technologies. Our expertise is extensive—we can offer advice on everything from common household appliances to the newest emerging industrial technologies.

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Members also get access to our continually updated LED and Black-Box Technology Resource Centers as well as TechScan, a single portal with links to all of our recent technology finds and analysis, including an archive of our recent Tech Roundups, annual Top Technology lists, our Emerging Tech Database, and selected new reports.

Web Conferences and Leaders Group Calls

Online meetings give you a unique opportunity to collaborate and interact with industry experts and your peers who are also looking for the latest technology developments and technical advice.

Annual E Source Forum

In this exclusive annual conference for E Source members, we offer a special Technology topical track as well as tracks in Demand-Side Management, Marketing, and Customer Experience. Past session topics have included the best lighting technologies, electric vehicles, smart grid technologies, and black-box evaluations.

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Six Technologies and Trends That Challenged Energy Professionals in 2016

E Source tools put the power in your hands, giving you access to data on emerging technologies, program performance, and measure assumptions.

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