Host Bryan Jungers, director of mobility at E Source, talks with Laura Beavin-Yates, vice president of customer success for Immersion Neuroscience, and Rachel Cooper, director of E Source Market Research, to learn about a collaboration between Immersion Neuroscience and E Source that produced some exciting and useful results. They can help us better understand what consumers think of electric vehicles (EVs) and how to change their behavior around EV adoption by showing which ads and messages are most effective with certain audiences.

According to Beavin-Yeats:

Our technology platform is actually built—our algorithms are actually built—not only to identify that brain state where people are really having a moment of high connectivity but also we’ve shown that those moments predict their future action. ... By understanding what kinds of messages people in these different buying trajectories—what messages are connecting with those people in those different periods of buying—it helps us understand how do we move them down the right path to actually purchase.



  • 6:09 | Why embrace this technology?
  • 9:50 | How can utilities use Immersion?
  • 14:05 | Using Immersion with EV ads
  • 21:14 | What other applications does this technology have?

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