Empathy helps get rid of biases we often apply to data to add context, like personal experiences, confirmation bias, and expertise bias. It can help predict how customers will react to your offerings because you know what their personal experiences are. If you spend time with your customers, sharing their experiences, you’ll get a better-informed version of the truth—their truth, not yours.

In-context research—where you and your customers are in the same place at the same time sharing a relevant experience—is the best way to build a high-fidelity image of how people truly interact with your offerings and what drives their preferences. Learn how to uncover emotional connections, develop empathy, and enhance your product design and marketing integrity by combining survey data and customer context.

In this video, Tom Rosholt, principal and vice president of analytics at market research firm Morpace Inc., explains why utilities need to take an empathetic approach to designing and promoting their products and services.


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