Understanding your customers is an important part of designing effective electric vehicle (EV) programs and services. To help you engage with your customers and increase EV adoption in your territory, E Source conducted a residential customer survey on the topic in the spring of 2020. We gathered information from three residential customer segments: customers who have an EV, those considering purchasing one, and those not considering an EV at all.

Topics covered in the 2020 study include:

  • Influences, barriers, and the purchase process
  • EV driver habits
  • Charging knowledge, habits, and preferences
  • Demographics and household information for segmentation

What you get

If you’re an E Source member, you’ll get access to reports and webinars related to our study. Your access is determined by the services your utility subscribes to. If you’re interested in this market research but your utility does not subscribe to an E Source service, please contact us.

All services will get content about overall survey findings.

  • EV charging and pricing: What are consumers willing to pay? We asked utility customers in the US and Canada a series of pointed questions about EV charging and pricing. The responses offer insights to help you better plan public charging network pricing and improve customers’ understanding of EVs through new messaging approaches.
  • Using market research to inform your EV efforts. This snapshot of data from the E Source 2020 Electric Vehicle Residential Customer Survey can help you select technologies, design programs, and create a seamless customer experience.
  • Why do people have electric vehicle range anxiety? Our research has revealed some striking problems with consumers’ beliefs about electric vehicles and how they get “fueled up.” To combat this phenomenon, utility communicators and marketers should focus their messaging on the comfort and ease of charging at home.

E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service members will get content that focuses on creating effective EV strategies, pilots, programs, and other customer offerings.

E Source Customer Experience Strategy Service members will get content that focuses on creating an excellent EV customer experience (CX) journey.

  • How to improve the EV customer experience. We help you develop your EV CX strategy by highlighting CX opportunities within four key moments of the EV journey. By developing an effective EV experience, you’ll drive EV adoption and increase customer engagement.

E Source Residential Marketing Service members will get content that focuses one effectively reaching customers with appropriate EV marketing campaigns.

If you’re interested in receiving a specific report, but your utility doesn’t subscribe to the E Source service that hosts that content, please contact us.


The 2020 online survey included 8,047 residential customers in the US (n = 7,347 respondents) and Canada (n = 700 respondents). We recruited participants using a purchased sample of US and Canadian residential households from global online market research firm Dynata. We set quotas for age, gender, income, and geographical location. We oversampled respondents who own or rent a battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (n = 1,016 respondents). We then applied postfieldwork weighting on the sample to reflect current EV adoption rates while staying within population norms.

Study results

Data from this survey is ready for you! Please submit an Ask E Source inquiry with your questions about increasing EV adoption, marketing EV programs and services, or guiding customers through the EV purchasing journey. We’ll get you answers that are relevant to your service territory.

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