Use this list to gather everything you need, including campaign goals, strategies, and results. Once you’re ready to create your campaign and submit your ads, log in to the E Source website.

Anyone can submit ads during the annual Utility Ad Awards Contest or, if you’re a member of the E Source Residential Marketing Service, Business Marketing Service, or Corporate Communications Service, you can go directly to Energy AdVision and submit ads year-round.

Step 1: Create a campaign

All ads in Energy AdVision must be associated with a campaign. This structure helps show overall strategy and execution. To create a campaign, click the Submit new button at the top of any page. You’ll be prompted to either create a new campaign or edit one you previously created.

Enter general campaign information

Campaign name
Name the campaign. This information will appear throughout the tool and may be truncated depending on the space available.

Utility running the campaign
This field has a search option at the top. Type in your utility’s name to find it in the list. If your utility doesn’t appear on the list, choose “other” here and type the name into the “If not in the list, enter utility name” field.

Submitting as an ad agency or third party
Check this box if you are not an employee of the utility running the campaign.

Collaborating organizations
If you worked with other utilities or third parties on this campaign or you are submitting as an ad agency or third party, list additional organizations here, including your own. If there is more than one collaborating organization, separate them with commas.

Campaign thumbnail
Choose an image to display wherever campaign-level information is shown. It can be the same as one of the ads or some other representative image.

First and last run date
Set the time span in which the campaign was active.

Campaign focus
Choose up to two terms that describe the campaign’s main focus areas.

  • Brand (a campaign the sole purpose of which is to raise the visibility of the company)
  • Customer experience
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electrification
  • Energy-efficiency and demand-response programs
  • Home energy management or smart home
  • Low-income customers
  • Outages
  • Rates
  • Revenue-generating offerings
  • Safety
  • Self-service (for example, bill payment or start or stop service)
  • Solar and storage
  • Sustainability

Primary audience
Choose one term that describes the audience this campaign was designed to reach.

  • Business
  • Business and residential
  • General public
  • Residential

Enter up to five keywords that describe the campaign.

Consider this campaign for the next Utility Ad Awards Contest
Check this box if you’d like the campaign to be entered in our annual contest.

Elaborate on your campaign strategy and outcomes

Campaign budget
Choose a general budget value from the list of options.

Background and goals
Give us some background on the campaign, like what prompted it and what its goals were.

Target audience
Tell us which part of your primary audience you were trying to reach with this campaign. For example, small businesses or residents of multiunit dwellings.

Strategy and tactics
Give us an overview of how you approached this campaign and what tactics you employed to ensure its success.

Campaign outcome
Describe the results of this campaign and whether it reached its goals. Please include both qualitative and quantitative data, if possible.

Step 2: Upload ads from this campaign

Ad name
Give your ad a descriptive name. It doesn’t need to include the campaign name. This will appear throughout the tool and may be truncated depending on the space available.

Ad type
Choose from our list of options to define the type of ad this is.

  • Bill insert
  • Billboard
  • Broadcast radio
  • Broadcast TV
  • Company website
  • Custom vehicle
  • Digital display
  • Direct mail letter
  • Direct mail postcard
  • Email
  • Event
  • Interactive display
  • Magazine
  • Microsite
  • Newspaper
  • Paid social media
  • Streaming radio
  • Streaming TV
  • Video
  • Other (fill in the “If not in the list, describe the ad type” field)

Ad details
Tell us more about this ad. For example, was it particularly successful within the campaign? Did you target a specific audience subset with it?

Ad frequency and placement
Tell us where and how often this ad was scheduled to run.

Ad file
Upload the ad file. Include only one ad per upload. Allowed file types are: .mp3, .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, and .mp4. Files must be no more than 64 megabytes (MB).

Add another
After you’ve created your first ad, a button will appear that allows you to upload another. Upload all of the collateral in your campaign. To show your campaign’s completeness and breadth, we encourage you to include as many ads as possible.

Step 3: Submit your campaign

When you’ve finished, submit your campaign. You can save as a draft or publish directly to the tool. Edit any of your campaigns from the My collateral page. Please note: Only campaigns that are published to the tool will be considered in the ad contest.