Energy equity means making sure everyone—especially historically underserved communities—has access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy. For utilities, energy equity:

  • Helps meet regulatory mandates and increasing environmental and decarbonization objectives
  • Advances next-generation technologies
  • Improves the utility’s reputation and service to customers

Utilities are applying an equity lens to their demand-side management, distributed energy resource, and EV programs. They’re also incorporating equity into their marketing and communications, internal operations, and trade ally engagement. And they’re learning more about customers’ unique needs and challenges and modifying programs and services to meet those needs, ensuring fairness and justice. In February 2022, E Source experts spoke about how utilities can incorporate equity into their offerings and operations. E Source members can watch the webinar recording to learn more: Integrating energy equity into your utility’s customer programs and engagement.

Utilities may recognize this critical opportunity, but they may not know where to start. We used our industry-wide perspective to collect and share the many ways that utilities in the US and Canada integrate equity into their programs and operations.

In this white paper, we:

  • Present our energy equity framework to help utilities identify creative and holistic solutions to achieve their goals
  • Explain what’s already working at utilities and what else utilities could try
  • List practical, actionable solutions to help utilities advance energy equity

This white paper is just one part of our mission to drive the energy system forward in a thoughtful, sustainable way that serves and benefits utilities and all customers and communities.


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