Liza Minor began working as a staff writer in the summer of 2020. Previously, she used E Source tools and databases to identify trends in demand-side management programs. Before coming to E Source, Liza worked at Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp., where she used geographic information systems to segment customers for energy-efficiency programs. Because of her multidisciplinary studies in school and her experience in the energy industry, she can write about a variety of energy topics. Liza earned an MS in urban and regional planning, a BA in political science, a BA and international studies, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate in sustainability from the University of Iowa.

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A look at two utilities’ debt-forgiveness programs

Liza Minor
July 29, 2021

We spoke with National Grid Massachusetts and SoCalGas to learn about their arrears management programs (AMPs). National Grid has been offering its AMP since the 1990s while SoCalGas implemented its AMP in 2021. Learn more about how these AMPs are working for these utilities.

What COVID meant, and means, for home upgrades in 2021

Liza Minor
May 3, 2021

According to the 2021 E Source COVID-19 Residential Survey, at least 10% of respondents have delayed a home upgrade because of the pandemic, but 25% of respondents said they’ll make at least one upgrade in 2021. This report helps you convert those customers into program participants.

Which customers have Level 2 EV chargers and what programs should you offer them?

Liza Minor
October 2, 2020

Level 2 electric vehicle chargers can stress your peak demand periods if you don't properly manage the loads. Read this report to learn how E Source helped PPL Electric Utilities locate its customers with Level 2 chargers and what types of programs you can offer customers in your territory.

How do you measure energy savings during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Liza Minor
August 6, 2020

Energy use has changed dramatically since the onset of COVID-19, and forecasts show an overall decrease in electricity and natural gas consumption in 2020. Utility evaluators must evolve their approach to account for energy usage and savings in 2020 and beyond.

Next generation of gas savings: Program strategies and emerging technologies

Liza Minor
December 12, 2019

Join E Source as we dive into some of the most promising strategies and technologies to maintain portfolio savings that we're seeing emerge in the gas demand-side management space. This web conference is part of the E Source Next Generation of Energy Savings series.