Diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t a new concept for utilities, but there’s a new energy equity movement sweeping the utility sector. Who better than Dr. Tony Reames, senior adviser of energy justice at the US Department of Energy (DOE) to explain how energy equity can benefit utilities, cities, and customers. Ben Nathan, lead analyst for Customer Energy Solutions at E Source, and Bryan Jungers, E Source director of mobility, discuss with Dr. Reames how to create successful collaborations between utilities and the DOE, how utilities can get federal funding to help with equity efforts, and how we can measure success.

  • Tony’s and Ben’s beginnings (1:13)
  • How can utilities improve their efforts with low- and moderate-income (LMI) customers? (5:38)
  • How can utilities collaborate with local governments and the DOE? (10:04)
  • Federal funding through an equity lens (12:59)
  • Specific examples of energy equity programs (15:34)
  • How can we maintain momentum with work around energy equity? (18:13)
  • How do we measure success in energy justice? (23:18)
  • How can utilities better collaborate with their communities? (27:41)
  • How utilities can shine with these opportunities (32:44)

To learn more on this topic, read our white paper The energy equity framework that benefits customers, utilities, and underserved communities.

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