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Implementing a new business technology is a complex process. It can include several systems—such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), a meter data management system (MDMS), a customer engagement platform (CEP), a customer information system (CIS), and a work order management system (WOMS)—and many other intricacies. But communication and education are two factors that heavily influence overall success. A successful technology program must be supported by well-designed communication campaigns, which includes customer engagement and organizational change management activities. The importance of internal and external communication and education about your efforts is often underestimated. Join us to learn how E Source can help your team implement a successful communications strategy.

E Source assisted the City of Lawrence, Kansas, in effectively planning and executing a communications campaign for its Lawrence H2O Smart Program. This process included outlining program benefits and clearly communicating them to internal and external stakeholders. Various channels were used to engage its customers throughout the program. The City will join E Source as we discuss the strategies and steps to success, as well as the potential pitfalls of underestimating the value of consumer and utility-wide communication and education during a technology implementation.

These vital processes include outlining the program’s benefits and clearly communicating them to internal and external stakeholders. And your utility should conduct training and education sessions, ensuring that all departments understand the technology’s impact and can address customer inquiries in a consistent manner. You’ll need to use multiple channels to reach your entire customer base, including your website, social media, mailed notices, door hangers, brochures, press releases, and participation at community events.

This webinar covers:

  • Key elements to include in a successful communications campaign strategy
  • How to integrate organizational change management to ensure a successful communications campaign for technology implementations
  • The latest utility customer engagement trends
  • Ways to measure the success of communications efforts


Kierra Thomas, Senior Consultant, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting
Elizabeth Vamos, Senior Consultant, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting
Tara Turch, Program Manager, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting
Alexandra James, Consultant, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting
Mike Hoffman, AMI Program Manager, City of Lawrence

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