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Download the slides | How labor analytics can empower your utility to achieve program goals (PDF)

Join us to learn about the role of labor analytics in helping utilities reach and exceed their goals related to energy conservation, clean energy, emissions reduction, and community engagement. Labor analytics is a pivotal, yet underutilized, element in the clean energy transition. We’ll hear from Paul Douglas, president of the JPI Group, which provides strategic workforce planning on infrastructure, technology, healthcare, and energy efficiency projects focused on local communities and their economies.

Utilities must navigate a maze of strategic objectives, including:

  • Energy savings and clean energy goals
  • Adherence to environmental, social, and governance (ESG); diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); and Justice40 directives

But most utilities aren’t tying these strategic objectives to clean energy labor force data, leading to inaccurate forecasting and inefficient programs. This gap compromises utilities’ ability to fulfill state, local, and federal mandates and weakens their competitive edges. And the small businesses and trade allies utilities work with don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to be able to execute current and future projects.

This webinar will reveal how strategic labor analytics can be a game-changer.

We’ll cover:

  • Program execution—Align labor force data with utility energy conservation and emission reduction objectives for sharper strategic planning and execution. Use predictive analytics to bolster program success rates and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Community engagement—Use labor analytics to deepen community engagement and program visibility, with a focus on engaging income-qualified groups and elevating utility program awareness. Leverage labor insights to meet key income-qualified, ESG, DEI, and Justice40 objectives. These are crucial for long-term success.
  • Workforce development—Develop a workforce that’s resilient to the demands of the clean energy evolution and technological advancements. Enable small businesses that support utility programs to scale and grow, and train and develop new entrants into the market, including contractors and incumbent employees.


Ben Nathan, Director, Affordability and Equity, E Source
Paul Douglas, President, The JPI Group
Nikole DiPillo, Director of Clean Energy Implementation, The JPI Group

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