The perks of being a member

As a member of the E Source E-Channel Service, you’ll gain access to the support and resources you need to ensure your online presence can keep up with customers’ rising demands. We’ll help you develop successful business cases for upgrading your website and self-service offerings. With the service, you get:

  • Guidance on improving the customer experience across web, mobile, chat, and other common digital channels
  • Help measuring the performance of your digital channels, optimizing digital self-service, and evaluating existing and emerging digital channels
  • Support and resources you need to ensure your online presence can outpace what customers expect
  • A better understanding of how your website compares to more than 80 other utilities with data from our exclusive digital metrics survey to help you investigate how customers engage with your digital platforms

Unlimited questions to our experts

Our experts can provide tactical advice on building or updating your digital presence; we can show you how to operate in a digital-first manner to create results that are easy for customers to use and that increase customer satisfaction. Learn more about our Ask E Source program (PDF).

Access to our library of research

Your online presence can significantly improve the efficiency of your operations. This service gives you access to in-depth customer market research and insights in addition to facilitated information-sharing sessions with your peers that will help ensure that you’re giving customers what they want and need.

Use of our exclusive e-channel-related tools

Our Utility Website Design Center provides benchmark rankings, comprehensive feature-by-feature analysis, guidance, and robust examples to help you ensure that your utility has the best possible online presence.

Inclusion in benchmark studies and other proprietary market research

Participate in our Website Benchmark, the industry-leading assessment of your website experience. The Digital Metrics Survey gives you specific guidance on how your customers leverage digital assets for activities such as outage reporting and notifications, paperless billing, payments, and more.

Attend our free e-channel-focused events

Collaborate and interact with industry experts and your peers at topically relevant meetings as well as our annual E Source Forum. Recent topics include new contact channel technologies that are quickly becoming mainstream and how to increase paperless billing adoption rates.

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