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Hybrid residential direct-install programs

COVID-19 forced utilities to shut down their residential direct-install programs in early 2020. But utilities quickly responded with innovative adjustments that allowed them to continue serving customers during the pandemic. Several utilities created virtual versions of their home energy audit while they couldn’t enter customers’ homes. In a virtual audit, an auditor guides customers through a home walk-through over video or on the phone to give customers energy tips and identify opportunities for energy savings. Even though the virtual audit doesn’t include the in-person diagnostic testing of traditional audits, utilities can still identify impactful energy-saving improvements and use them as new customer engagement opportunities. Read Why hybrid residential direct-install programs work during COVID-19 and are here to stay by staff writer Liza Minor.

Low- and moderate-income customers

Due to COVID-19, many low- and some moderate-income customers are struggling. In response, utilities are expanding the qualifications for their income-verified programs. However, they’re struggling to figure out who these customers are. In this report, we look at the different data sources, tactics, and resources you can use to better identify and target low- and moderate-income customers. Read How to identify and reach your low- and moderate-income customers by analyst “Shelby Kuenzli”.

Innovations in call routing

It can be frustrating to call in to your utility contact center and never speak to the same person twice, to have to explain your issue multiple times, and to feel like the person you’re speaking with is ill equipped to handle your problem. But it doesn’t have to be that way. New call-routing options enabled by evolving call center technology can drive improvements in customer experience while potentially reducing costs. Read Creating human connections in the call center by senior consultant Jeffrey Daigle.

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