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Historically, utilities have risen to the challenge of meeting goals for aggressive demand-side management (DSM), high reliability, and low rates as well as for delivering excellent customer service. But we consistently hear from utilities that the departments responsible for each of these areas tend to work in isolation. Successful utilities will need to take a holistic, aligned approach to meeting customer needs. Customers want to be comfortable, productive, self-reliant, and secure—all of which can be provided by electricity and gas—yet many still perceive their utility as only a small piece of meeting those needs.

To change this perception, utilities need to start thinking of customers as proactive business partners who are capable of supporting a wide range of utility goals. E Source calls this shift Customer-Side Management™ or CSM™. CSM highlights the strategic importance of DSM as the critical gateway to a more-relevant, more-trusted customer relationship. It represents the intersection between DSM, distributed energy resources, and customer experience.

The essence of CSM is this: Utilities must place customers at the center of their business strategies, planning initiatives, and implementation efforts if they hope to remain relevant to future energy consumers.

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Want to learn more about Customer-Side Management? Download DSM to CSM: Turning the Customer of the Future into a Future Customer (PDF).

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E Design 2020 is a three-year, collaborative project designed to help utilities rethink, revitalize, and reimagine the portfolio of products, services, and customer experiences offered to the new energy consumer. Using best practices from outside industries, E Design 2020 will help utilities embrace a truly customer-centric approach to creating solutions.

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