E Source helps utilities work better, faster, and smarter.

Since 1986, we’ve been delivering unbiased, effective solutions designed for utilities, and now the industry is undergoing a tremendous transformation. Increased customer expectations, an evolving regulatory environment, and changes in the ways consumers interact with technologies are changing the way you do business. More than ever, utilities need an impartial partner to help them successfully navigate these changes, and E Source is that partner.



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Demand-Side Management

To meet your goals, your demand-side management (DSM) programs need constant care and attention. Learn how to optimize your DSM operations from the best in the business.

Our yearly utility memberships are like having E Source as part of your team. E Source helps you gain efficiencies throughout the entire DSM program and portfolio life cycle—from planning and design, all the way through evaluation. You’ll get access to analysis, tools, and advisory services that can help you more effectively plan and execute your programs and benchmark your results to those of other utilities.

Our Consulting Solutions team offers a hands-on approach to your specific issues with DSM portfolio development and planning. Our seasoned experts have walked in your shoes and can help solve your toughest problems.

Our industrywide market research on DSM trends, achievements, and opportunities allows you to plan more effectively, compare yourself to industry peers, and gain in-depth knowledge about your customers.

E Source tools put the power in your hands, giving you access to data on program performance and measure assumptions.

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Customer Experience

In an era of empowered customers, you need them more than they need you. Don’t underestimate the significance of defining, implementing, and managing the customer experience.

With E Source as your guide, you’ll get cutting-edge CX expertise and deep utility knowledge. E Source has helped dozens of utilities implement and enhance the delivery of their CX management strategy across all customer-facing channels using our four-stage methodology: Understand, Plan, Implement, and Optimize. We can help you to assess and tune up all of the contact channels your customers are using to create a more holistic CX journey.

For more than 25 years, E Source has been giving utilities actionable advice and resources to help them develop relationships and build trust with customers. E Source Consulting Solutions offer a hands-on approach, enabling you to implement an effective customer experience strategy.

Our industrywide market research studies provide you with the voice-of-customer and voice-of-utility insights you need to make crucial decisions about your customer-facing channels and operations.

E Source databases and tools give you access to the information you need to make smart decisions about your CX framework, brand, communication strategies, and customer-facing channels.

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Technology Assessment

E Source has a team of technology experts that provide utilities with objective, accurate, and defensible research and analysis about energy-consuming products and services.

We give our members resources for staying abreast of the latest technology developments, technical advice, and tips to avoid getting burned by “black-box” products, allowing you to conserve precious staff time and resources. Our research reports and tools provide actionable information to help your entire team understand the complexities of end-use technologies.

E Source tools put the power in your hands, giving you access to data on emerging technologies and measure assumptions.

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Marketing & Segmentation

Driving revenue growth and program participation are top priorities for any utility marketer. To be successful, you need the right marketing strategies and techniques to engage all of your customer segments and persuade them to take action.

With a year-long membership to E Source marketing services, you’ll have access to the most comprehensive customer and marketing insights that will help you to be more effective with your marketing and to identify new opportunities for growth. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges that come with marketing energy services means that we can provide top-notch resources for planning, creating, and evaluating advertising and marketing campaigns.

Traditional, broad segmentation is no longer enough to effectively reach customers. The E Source Consulting Solutions team offers decades of experience analyzing residential and business customer attitudes and behaviors as well as evaluating the technologies businesses use in their facilities.

We bring you the essential voice-of-customer research you need to make smart decisions about who to target for your programs and services. Your use of this targeted data will allow you to save money and time while improving market response to your campaigns.

The E Source Residential Customer Insights Center puts the power in your hands, giving you access to data on your customers’ energy use, behavior, and attitudes toward conservation.

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Account Management

All of your business customers—from key accounts to small businesses—should be actively managed because effective account management strengthens customer relationships, drives program participation, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces costs.

Our annual membership includes research, analysis, and advice that will help you increase the effectiveness of your account management for serving business customers of all sizes. You get access to industry-specific market intelligence, inclusion in benchmarking studies, and other resources for business account management that will show you how to best manage and strengthen your business customer relationships, educate your staff, and measure the effectiveness of your account-management practices.

The E Source Consulting Services team can help you provide the right level of service to the right customers in the right way. We’ll give you a deeper understanding of your business customers so you can provide the optimal customer experience and meet your specific goals.

Our market research provides a comprehensive review of your business customers and utility account management practices. The resulting data and insights help you focus attention on the top areas for improvement.

E Source Business Energy Advisor is a hosted web-based library of energy-efficiency advice that’s tailored to the needs of your business customers. It provides unbiased guidance to help your customers improve the energy efficiency of their specific facility types. It can be customized with your utility logo and colors, allowing it to seamlessly blend with your existing website.

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The growth of customer interest in solar and the proliferation of third-party solar offerings are placing tangible pressure on utilities to create new programs and options for their customers; identify the right educational and marketing messages for different audiences; and position the utility brand with customers and critical stakeholders as a trusted energy partner through positive, proactive engagement. Whether you’re just starting to communicate with customers about solar or already have substantial solutions in place, it’s critical that you understand your customers’ solar-related needs and desires, how these are evolving over time, and the strategic implications for your utility.

Our annual membership helps utilities engage more effectively with customers and stakeholders on solar. We combine our market research on North American business and residential customers with outcome-oriented utility working groups and industry best-practice research to help you develop and implement successful solar programs, effectively communicate with and educate customers about solar, and proactively engage with key stakeholders and industry partners.

Our Multi-Client Studies gather and analyze business and residential customer perspectives on photovoltaics, batteries, microgrids, and other distributed generation options. Our findings will give you and your staff the data and analysis you need to make smart decisions about this aspect of your business.

We can help you better understand and better serve residential and business customers who are interested in solar power by identifying the customer segments and individual accounts in your service territory that have a high propensity to go solar.

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Utility Strategy

Utilities are facing a radically changing business environment, driven by constantly evolving expectations from customers. Our unique perspective allows utilities to move from demand-side management to Customer-Side Management™—from DSM to CSM™. CSM highlights the strategic importance of DSM as the critical gateway to a more-relevant, more-trusted customer relationship, placing customers at the center of business strategies, planning initiatives, and implementation efforts to help utilities stay relevant to future energy consumers.

We offer timely, candid research and insights from a business partner you trust. You’ll stay informed about current trends at other utilities, learn about best practices from other industries, and gain valuable customer-related insights that will inform your strategic decisions.

Our experts and analysts combine a utility focus with world-class market research and proprietary data in four main areas: DSM, Customer experience, segmentation, and account management. Our consultants are leading experts in their fields, combining deep topical knowledge with an extensive background in the energy industry.

Our Multi-Client Studies give you and your staff the data and analysis you need to make smart decisions about your business.

We combine our exclusive market research on business and residential customers across North America with outcome-oriented utility working groups to help you successfully engage with customers and other stakeholders on solar issues. Our solution-oriented research collaborative helps utilities just getting started to develop a robust and comprehensive plan for actively engaging with customers. For utilities already taking action, it provides the resources and insights you need to improve on your existing solar efforts and make strategic long-term decisions related to solar customer engagement.

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