Sannie Sieper is responsible for leading the marketing, event, and member communications for E Source. She is passionate about marketing automation technologies, getting the right message to the right audience at the right time, and using data to make informed decisions. She has more than 20 years of marketing experience in a variety of industries, including hospitality, publishing, and retail e-commerce. Sannie holds an MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado and a BS from Colgate University.

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E Source Announces Recipient of Jim Rogers Innovation Award

Sannie Sieper
July 23, 2019

This press release announces the recipient of the 2019 Jim Rogers Innovation Award: Anne Pramaggiore, senior executive vice president and CEO of Exelon Utilities.

E Source Announces Acquisition by Align Capital Partners

Sannie Sieper
June 24, 2019

This press release announces the acquisition of E Source by Align Capital Partners, a growth-oriented private equity firm focused on investing in business-to-business companies that are well positioned for growth in niche markets.

E Source Relaunches Business Energy Advisor

Sannie Sieper
May 1, 2019

This press release announces the release of the newly reinvigorated and redesigned E Source Business Energy Advisor. This powerful tool contains a library of information that integrates with utility websites and provides sector-specific energy advice for utilities and their business customers.

E Source Announces 2019 Utility Ad Awards Contest

Sannie Sieper
April 8, 2019

This press release announces the opening of the 2019 E Source Utility Ad Awards Contest. This year, E Source is looking for utility ad campaigns that have generated results—such as increased brand awareness, website traffic, and program participation—while also being creative.

E Source Seeks Nominations for Jim Rogers Innovation Award

Sannie Sieper
March 19, 2019

This press release announces the launch of a new award in memory of Jim Rogers, former chairman and CEO of Duke Energy. We’re looking for a utility executive who is innovative; is passionate about moving utilities toward a cleaner, more energy-efficient future; and embodies customer-centricity.