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Benchmarking DSM Savings as a Percentage of Utility Sales

Earlier this year, a Midwest utility hired E Source to provide a detailed understanding of utilities that have reached or exceeded a minimum of 2% in annual savings from energy-efficiency or demand-side management (DSM) programs over the past few years. Read on to learn more about our benchmarking solutions and tools. Published: December 20, 2018

The Customer Reigned Supreme at the 2018 E Source Forum

Throughout the week at the 2018 E Source Forum in Denver, customer-centricity took center stage. This year, we sent in film crews to capture 14 sessions that covered marketing, demand-side management, customer experience, technology, and account management. Check out some of the footage. Published: November 14, 2018

What Will the Future Utility Brand Look Like?

At the Fall 2018 E Source Utility Marcom Executive Council, we had participants describe the current and future states of utility brand. They started with words like reliable, safe, and low cost and shifted to phrases like socially responsible and customer-centric. Customer priorities are evolving, and you need your brand promise to reflect that. Published: October 17, 2018

Virtual Assistants Can Help Utilities Find Their Voice

The market for smart speakers and virtual assistants is booming. For utilities, voice-control devices are worth paying attention to because of the smart home interconnectivity they enable as well as the unique marketing and communications opportunities they provide. Published: August 22, 2018

Total Planned DSM Spending Will Decline Through 2020

Electric and gas utilities have significantly increased demand-side management (DSM) program spending in the past decade, but based on market data found in E Source DSM Insights, we expect overall spending to decrease from 2018 through 2020. Published: July 18, 2018

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