Utilities are overcoming some of the world’s biggest challenges to ensure a sustainable future. At E Source, we’re dedicated to helping every utility address these pressing, interconnected issues on their path to becoming a Sustainable Utility—one that’s environmentally responsible, equitably delivers safe and reliable energy, and is financially stable.

The E Source Audience of One solution maximizes customer engagement by using data and ethnographic research to serve customers as individuals rather than segments to optimize the lifetime value a utility delivers to each customer.

Serve customers as individuals, not segments

Our unique capabilities blend industry-leading research, predictive data science, and solution services to help utilities rethink customer programs and engagement. At the core of the Audience of One solution is a digital replica of every customer derived from data such as:

  • Demographic information
  • Energy-usage patterns
  • Payment history
  • Contact records
  • Utility program participation

Groups of customers with common characteristics then come to life through ethnographic research. The digital replica we create is dynamic, evolving over time as machine-learning algorithms continuously capture actual customer behavior. This approach increases customer satisfaction, maximizes value to customers, and optimizes the cost of serving them.

The evolution of the utility customer

The Sustainable Utility is evolving how it views and understands customers. The endgame is no longer about signing up as many customers as possible. It’s about accomplishing the specific objectives of a portfolio of consumer programs, ranging from billing and payment plans and self-service channels to distributed energy resources and EVs.

Deliver results with an Audience of One

Predict the best participants for each program to cost-effectively achieve program goals. Dynamically separate customers into cohorts to reduce acquisition costs and dramatically improve performance and reliability.

Enable demand response that system operators can count on and call with confidence. Develop a more granular, individual forecast for every customer enrolled in your program to provide program-level predictions.

Ensure equity for low- and moderate-income customers to drive energy sustainability. Apply an equity lens to demand-side management, distributed energy resource, EV, billing, and payment programs so that all customers can participate.

Develop billing and payment options that increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Give customers options for managing their account through channels they prefer to improve their experience and streamline operations.

Accelerate carbon reduction and address gas constraints via energy efficient electrification. Amplify your efforts around beneficial-electrification policy, strategy, and customer offerings.

Accelerate the adoption of EVs through integrated customer and grid planning. Identify areas of exploration for new programs that could accelerate EV adoption, while locating EV hotspots to plan for grid investments and charging infrastructure.

We’re on your team

We can help you maximize customer engagement and treat your customers as individuals. Contact a member of our team today to get started.