We’re witnessing storms growing in intensity and severity in recent years. Whether they’re facing hurricanes and wildfires or prolonged heatwaves and flooding, utilities find themselves with a growing need for resources to manage their emergency outage operations. The way utilities have been managing their storm operations is shaping up to be unsustainable in the years to come. Host Bryan Jungers welcomes E Source Data Science colleagues Josh Denzler, director of sales innovation, and Devon Grodkiewicz, solutions adviser, to discuss the storm and outage challenges utilities are up against and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Introductions with Devon and Josh (0:42)
  • Setting the table: Storms and utility response (1:16)
  • Storm trends are changing (4:39)
  • Assembling the moving pieces of utility storm response (8:00)
  • Utilities under pressure: How to manage storm threats (14:38)
  • How are utilities handling restoration operations? (18:24)
  • Performance improvements and key metrics (21:28)
  • Closing thoughts: E Source is here to help (25:01)

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