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At the E Source Forum 2019, we interviewed some of our session speakers about key points in their presentations.

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Are our attention spans really so limited, or are compelling stories woefully scarce in today’s content-flooded world? The fact that people binge Netflix for hours confirms that amazing stories can capture our attention. How can you tap into the power of storytelling to connect customers with your brand in meaningful, lasting, and valuable ways? This session focused on the types of stories utilities can tell and how to deliver them to customers and the public.

After the session, we asked GerRee Anderson of Ogilvy Denver a few questions about the discussion. Check out her video responses below. And if you’re an E Source member, visit the E Source Forum 2019 page to download the session presentation.

  • Why is storytelling powerful? (0:11)
  • Do you have an example of storytelling? Was there an effective or ineffective hook? (0:58)
  • How can you tell a hard story? For example, what about something like layoffs? (2:13)
  • How do you tell a brand story across many different types of people, generations, income levels, or interest levels? (3:04)