NOTE: This event has already taken place. See below for recording, event description, and link to download the presentation slides.

Download web conference slides (PDF)

Is your company looking for opportunities to work with utilities? Do you want to hear about requests for proposal (RFPs) before it’s too late? Do you need best practices to determine which data is most applicable and useful for business development? Wish you had more time to conduct research about utility opportunities?

Join this web conference, where we’ll share the process for how to track down upcoming demand-side management (DSM) dollars. We’ll share what signals to look for and where to focus your team’s efforts.

You’ll learn:

  • How to stay ahead of the RFP cycle
  • Key data points that can reveal potential opportunities for your company
  • Indicators for when to get involved with a program or portfolio
  • Where to locate the details about who your competitors are


Rachel Reiss Buckley, Senior Director, Customer Energy Solutions, E Source
Jordan Tobey, Manager, Data Products, Customer Energy Solutions, E Source
Matt Leckey, Business Development Director, E Source
Gabe Cuadra, Senior Analyst, Customer Energy Solutions, E Source

Who should attend:

Product manufacturers, business development teams from consulting firms, and other vendors that have offerings for DSM departments at utilities.

For more information about attending this event, please email us or call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).