Breaking news from E Source headquarters! If your utility currently subscribes to just one (or a few) of our research and advisory services, you won’t want to miss this limited-time opportunity to access previously gated content. From now until the end of the 2021 E Source Forum on October 1, you can help yourself to up to six pieces of content outside of your membership.

Are you a demand-side management (DSM) program manager eager to learn how customer experience strategists make it easier for customers to enroll in programs? Or are you a marketing pro wondering how DSM program architects build offerings that generate cost-effective savings? Or are you a call center manager longing to know how marketers promote emerging technologies? Or maybe you just need a new perspective on solving your utility’s problems.

Today is your lucky day. Combined, our research and advisory services can take your utility to the next level. To see for yourself, simply log in, click any link with an orange dotted underline, and follow the steps to unlock access.

Your experience should look something like this.

Access content outside of your membership by following the prompt on the screen

screenshot of a report that is usually locked and only available to certain memberships with a window added offering access to a wider audience for a limited time. The offer warns that they can view up to 6 pieces and asks if they’d like to include the one we are looking at.

Change your mind? Just click “no thanks” and carry on with browsing

screenshot of warning screen that will pop up on your computer screen when you press yes to access content. It is confirming whether or not you wish to proceed and wants you to press ’yes’ or ’no’ to continue or end the transaction.

We’d also love to show you what’s new and what we’re working on next. Check out these videos!

What’s new and what’s next

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Marketing and communications

Customer experience

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