As we look back on the 2020 E Source Forum, one major theme stands out: change. The utility industry is changing with the current economic and political climate. And the reality of COVID-19 is forcing utilities to address unanticipated shifts in customer demographics and behavior.

But it’s not just a changing industry that made this Forum look different, it was also a changing platform. For 32 years, we held the E Source Forum in person, facilitating networking and connections and having fun while doing it. This year, we hosted the event virtually and did our best to inject our usual E Source spirit. With over 1,600 utility industry registrants, it was our biggest Forum yet.

In case you missed any of the content, we highlighted The top 10 sessions from the 2020 E Source Forum, complete with the session recordings.

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Opening keynote: Lives and livelihoods on the line—Utilities’ opportunities as a force for positive change

E Source CEO Wayne Greenberg kicked off Forum by welcoming DeAndrea Salvador, founder and CEO of the Renewable Energy Transition Initiative, as our keynote speaker. Salvador asked an important question for utility attendees, “What can you do in your roles to create a future that’s more just and equitable?” Watch the recording to learn why collaboration is the key to making your utility a force for positive change.

Turning customer insights into results: A strategy discussion with executives and marketers

Utilities are using customer insights in innovative ways—engaging their target audiences, increasing program participation, and cutting operating costs—but rolling out a comprehensive data strategy doesn’t happen overnight. In this session, representatives from Xcel Energy and Portland General Electric joined E Source experts to discussed how to break down challenges and deliver on these strategies.

Closing keynote: Creating the perfect experience for your customers | Is it possible?

E Source’s Eryc Eyl introduced our closing keynote session by explaining the statement that powers a lot of what we do at E Source: How might we? And to that end, how might utilities create a perfect experience for their customers? To help answer that question, Nick Allen, vice president of user experience at Fidelity Investments, walked through what it takes to be truly customer-focused in creating experiences, products, and services by creating the perfect day.

EV sales dropping? Consumer insights tell us what we’re doing wrong and how to fix it

Despite the reputation of being a cool and innovative technology, electric vehicles (EVs) have dropped in sales in 2019 for the first time in years. Why aren’t they gaining more traction? In this session, Bill LeBlanc and other E Source experts explain the findings of recent E Source research that revealed the key messages consumers aren’t getting, and make recommendations for getting the word out to prospective buyers.

View The top 10 sessions from the 2020 E Source Forum