Welcome to the E Source style guide (PDF) and word list (PDF). We created these resources to help E Source employees write clear and consistent content across the E Source website.

We use the Chicago Manual of Style as our default style guide. We adapt certain rules to better suit E Source voice, which is how we’ve created the E Source style guide. And we use Merriam-Webster as our default dictionary, which is how we determine how to treat certain words and phrases in the E Source word list.

We invite you to use and adapt these resources as needed. All we ask is that you credit E Source. Although the E Source style guide and word list are freely available online, they haven’t been written with public or external use in mind. Note that we’ve removed internal E Source hyperlinks from these versions.

Thanks to the Mailchimp Content Style Guide and the University of Oxford Style Guide for content and design inspiration.


Contributing Authors

Manager, Editorial

Christina Bryson (she/her) is responsible for editing, publishing, and managing content on the E Source website. Her expertise is in style guide...

Senior Editor, Editorial

Andy Read edits reports and presentations at E Source. Through one-on-one coaching, he helps writers grow their skills and write in E ...

Editor, Editorial

Emily Sedlacek began working as an editor at E Source in the summer of 2022. Prior to joining the editorial team at E Source, she worked...