For nearly 40 years, we’ve helped the utility companies across the US and Canada with our solution assessment, strategy, and implementation services. Our experts draw on your organization’s size, focus areas, and context to create customized solutions designed to achieve your business goals.


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International Transmission Operations and Maintenance Study

International Transmission Operations and Maintenance Study (ITOMS) offers the possibility to gain insights and to identify and share the bets practices that drive top performance via interviews.

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International Wildfire Risk Mitigation Consortium

The mission of the International Wildfire Risk Mitigation Consortium (IWRMC) is to establish and facilitate a system of working and networking channels between members of the global utility community to support ongoing sharing of information, and proactively address the wildfire issues through learning, innovation, analysis, assessment, and collaboration.

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Electric Asset Best Practices Consortium

This alliance pools the expertise and resources of both the ITOMS and IWRMC, creating a robust platform for learning, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. Our mission is to drive innovation and excellence in the utility sector through a collective and forward-thinking approach.

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E Source Forum 2024

The E Source Forum 2024 will take place October 8–10, 2024 in Denver, CO. The Forum features cutting-edge content, fun activities to participate in, and new ways to network with your peers and utility partners. If you have questions about the E Source Forum, please contact our events team or call 1-800-ESOURCE.

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