E Source Digital Grid Solutions blend industry-leading research, predictive data science, and solution services to help utilities make better decisions to support their customers, their bottom line, and our planet. Specifically, these solutions enable utilities to not only identify risk across the grid, but also to optimize what they do about that risk to improve safety and reliability most efficiently and affordably. Digital Grid Solutions include:

A new data-driven approach to risk management

We’ve developed our Digital Grid Solutions to accelerate your journey to becoming the Sustainable Utility—one that’s environmentally responsible, equitably delivers safe and reliable energy, and is financially stable.

Introducing E Source Digital Grid Solutions

Built on years of practical innovation and measurable results, E Source Digital Grid Solutions enable utilities to quickly and continually improve how they manage their most consequential use cases—from vegetation and storm—outage management to capital optimization.

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Don’t just identify risk, know what to do about it

Not only do E Source Digital Grid Solutions pinpoint risk with unequaled accuracy, but they go further, calculating the cost and benefit of mitigation efforts and then prioritizing them accordingly. We call this “risk-spend efficiency.” Our solutions help utilities effectively price system-wide risk and take the best corrective actions.

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Becoming a Sustainable Utility

E Source Digital Grid Solutions provide a path for utilities to become the Sustainable Utility—one that’s environmentally responsible, equitably delivers safe and reliable energy, and is financially stable—through the power of predictive decision support.

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How we help

With our expertise in your corner, you can:

Optimize O&M budgets

Stretch every dollar. E Source Digital Grid Solutions pinpoint areas of highest and most costly risk—from both a financial and a reliability perspective—to guide operations and maintenance (O&M) expenditures.

Drive capital improvements

Make strategic capital decisions by evaluating the financial and reliability impacts of every capital improvement dollar before investing a cent. Build capital improvement cases for boards and regulators with confidence.

Jump-start speed to value

Optimizing O&M programs shouldn’t require expensive, time-consuming custom builds. E Source Digital Grid Solutions work with your available data and are highly configurable. We’ll get you up and running—and getting results—quickly.

Digital grid solutions at work

We’re on your team

Let’s schedule a time to discuss your challenges and how E Source can help.