Demand-side management (DSM) programs are one of the best things utility customers get from their utility. In this episode, host Bryan Jungers welcomes Tom Lienhard, E Source executive consultant, and Barend Dronkers, product strategist for Customer Energy Solutions at E Source, for an in-depth discussion about DSM programs: what they are, how they’re working, and how utilities should keep them moving forward to benefit customers.

  • Introductions with Tom and Barend (0:39)
  • Digging in: DSM programs (1:17)
  • The significance of delivering programs (2:32)
  • The customer impacts of DSM (4:45)
  • On equity and program deliverability (7:01)
  • Setting the stage: The future of DSM portfolios (11:40)
  • On pay-for-performance (15:56)
  • Prioritizing electrification versus DSM (17:32)
  • Wrapping up (22:21)

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