The E Source Omnichannel Survey assesses the omnichannel efforts of the utility industry across eight customer-facing channels:

  • Website (desktop, laptop, and mobile)
  • Mobile app
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Online chat
  • Phone—IVR
  • Phone—live agent
  • Social media

From a residential customer perspective, we look at:

  • What residential customers expected when they interacted with a company across channels, and how those expectations differed from what the utility industry was offering
  • Which key customer interactions were most important for utilities to offer in a seamless way

From a utility perspective, we explore:

  • The performance and importance of each customer-facing channel and which interactions should be more integrated for utility customers
  • Which channel metrics utilities should focus on to improve the customer experience within the utility industry

To learn more about our Omnichannel Survey and when we’ll be fielding it again, contact us.

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