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Download the slides | EVs are here: Harnessing analytics to turbocharge electrification planning and EV detection (PDF)

In an increasingly electrified world, it’s important to understand the behavior of new load demand on the grid. In this presentation, Alabama Power will highlight its collaboration with E Source to identify customers who use a level 2 EV charger, as well as understand charging behavior by time of day, duration, day of week. We will also review the degree to which customers changed their charging behavior after enrolling in the EV rate. A secondary objective of the project was to identify and quantify the typical forms of Level 2 charging behavior within Alabama Power’s service area.

This event covers:

  • How utilities are transitioning from centralized analytics to grid-edge analytics
  • The analytical process behind using advanced metering infrastructure data for EV detection
  • What’s next? An exploration of other opportunities for grid-edge analytics beyond EV detection


Will Gifford, Director, Data Science, E Source
Brandon Lundy, Manager of AMI Management Systems, Alabama Power Company

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