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Download the slides | Is performance-based regulation the future of the utility business model? (PDF)

Utilities and regulators are increasingly juggling economic, environmental, and societal priorities. In some cases, cost-based regulation can conflict with achieving modern energy goals. If utilities aren’t incentivized to achieve societally beneficial goals, they’ll continue to prioritize investing in infrastructure over solutions such as distributed energy resources (DERs) or transportation electrification. In this webinar, we’ll explain how performance-based regulation (PBR) can help utilities meet these complex societal goals while delivering value to shareholders.

You’ll learn:

  • How PBR shifts the regulatory focus toward long-term societal benefits
  • How PBR can align societal goals with a utility’s business goals
  • How some utilities are making the switch to PBR


Bill LeBlanc, Senior Adviser, E Source
Karl Rábago, Principal, Rábago Energy LLC

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