Battery market forecast to 2030

December 9, 2021 | 2:00 pm–3:00 pm EST

The battery market is a critical piece of our global energy future and it’s growing at an unprecedented rate. The electrification of the transportation industry, the use of battery systems to transform the grid, and the “batterification” of almost every device we use all continue to spur this industry through a momentous growth phase. How does this affect utility programs and battery manufacturers’ production, investment decisions, and reliability? In our inaugural battery intelligence webinar, you’ll learn about the data behind these trends and the outlook for the coming year. Will the global manufacturing capacity shortages and raw material scarcity affect the availability of electric transportation and energy storage? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear hot-off-the-presses battery market insights and forecasts.

We’re pleased to enhance our advisory services with unparalleled battery expertise as a result of our acquisition of Cairn ERA. Cairn ERA is a global market intelligence and consulting firm specializing in battery storage. It provides clients throughout the battery and energy supply chain with a robust contextual understanding of the battery storage environment, competitive landscape, existing market dynamics, and technological disruptions. E Source will be bringing these insights to the market in the same actionable, approachable style you’re used to, with more forecasting and battery market insights to help our clients make data-driven decisions.

You’ll learn:

  • The growth trajectory of the battery market in 2021
  • Drivers of growth
  • Potential inhibitors for the stationary energy storage and mobile battery markets
  • Forecast to 2030
  • Implications for utilities, battery manufacturers, investors, and large energy users


Sam Jaffe, vice president, Battery Storage, E Source
Michael Carter, president, Research and Advisory, E Source

Who should attend:

Electric and gas utilities, battery industry participants, those in the electric vehicle supply chain, energy developers, municipalities, and international corporations interested in the state of the battery market.

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