Lyndal Haddox, vice president of innovation for Software Planning and Implementation Consulting at E Source, recently sat down with Dana Bochan, director of Customer Care, and Prem Singh, chief information digital officer, from Regional Water Authority (RWA) to discuss the organization’s transformative journey with support from the E Source team.

Their discussion highlighted the significance of collaboration, E Source’s unique approach to upgrading the utility’s customer information system (CIS), and the challenges and opportunities utilities face in today’s rapidly evolving landscape (figure 1).

Figure 1: Getting it right the first time—RWA’s successful CIS upgrade

E Source’s Lyndal Haddox speaks with Dana Bochan and Prem Singh about their successful system transformation.

Unlocking digital transformation opportunities

RWA has been striving for growth and innovation. Both Dana and Prem emphasized their roles in propelling RWA toward transformation and customer-centric growth. Among the pivotal projects they discussed, the CIS implementation took center stage. The goal was to replace RWA’s existing system, not only to streamline revenue systems but also to enhance the customer experience.

RWA’s strategic partnership with E Source played a significant role in the success of the CIS project. From start to finish, E Source guided RWA through the complexities of its CIS transformation.

What set E Source apart from other companies, according to Prem and Dana, was its in-depth understanding of the utility business. This understanding—coupled with E Source’s unique methodologies, resources, and ability to provide tailored tools and templates—ensured that the partnership was results-driven and flexible.

E Source didn’t just offer solutions; the team provided a framework for success. Its tools and templates were adaptable and tailored to RWA’s specific needs, acknowledging that each utility’s business strategy is unique.

Simplifying the intricate process of a CIS implementation

For utilities like RWA, navigating the challenges that come with projects as complex as a CIS implementation can be overwhelming. E Source’s expertise was pivotal in guiding RWA through the process of implementing a new solution. E Source’s structured approach and tools ensured that the project stayed on track and within budget, mitigating the risks that often accompany large-scale transformations.

The success story of RWA’s partnership with E Source serves as a testament to the importance of collaboration, adaptation, and continuous improvement in the utility sector. RWA’s transformative journey, with E Source’s expert guidance, showcases the remarkable results a utility can achieve with the proper support.

As utilities like RWA navigate a world of increasing complexity and change, they require partners who understand their distinct challenges and can provide tailored solutions. Through partnerships like the one between RWA and E Source, utilities can embrace transformation with confidence, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the evolving utility sector.

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