Happy (belated) Earth Day! To celebrate what we view as one of the most important days of the year, we wanted to share what the new E Source Sustainability Task Force spearheaded to honor Earth Day. We also wanted to highlight some of the creative ways utilities across the US and Canada supported the fight for environmental protection and change.

Introducing the E Source Sustainability Task Force

In 2021, a group of E Source employees launched a new sustainability task force made up of three subcommittees that will help propel our sustainability efforts and meet some of our big goals for lowering our carbon footprint.

Corporate sustainability subcommittee. Our corporate sustainability subcommittee measures E Source’s Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, evaluates our carbon-reduction targets, and identifies strategies for us to meet those targets as well as improve our overall corporate sustainability.

External sustainability subcommittee. The external sustainability subcommittee tells the sustainability stories of our clients, explains how we help them achieve their climate and equity goals, and shares the impact of our products and services. We do this by analyzing utility energy and carbon emissions data from our array of tools, Ask E Source program, research reports, and various E Source projects (such as quantifying emissions reductions from helping utilities implement advanced metering infrastructure).

Personal sustainability subcommittee. The mission of the personal sustainability committee is to offer everyone opportunities to foster a happy, healthy life. We invite everyone to explore conscious and informed lifestyle choices that promote a fulfilling existence without degrading Earth’s resources.

Earth Day 2022 efforts

While it’s important to treat our earth with respect all year round, Earth Day is a wonderful way to remind ourselves of our responsibility to keep our communities clean and healthy each year. And there are so many ways to do this! So, without further ado, let’s celebrate our collective Earth Day efforts!

The E Source power-down hour. On Earth Day, E Source asked its employees to spend some time cleaning up their communities in a power-down hour. During this hour, E Source employees everywhere shut down their computers and headed outside to clean up litter in their neighborhoods—either on their own, with friends and family, or with local colleagues.

Happy Earth Day from the E Source team

E Source employees near and far got their hands dirty to help keep their community clean.
collage of selfies and photos taken by E Source staff members as they clean up their community on Earth Day

While spending an hour cleaning up litter may seem like a small effort to some, a little sure goes a long way! Litter is causing catastrophic harm to human health, safety, and welfare, as well as to the environment—something we take very seriously. It was a great way to take a break from our laptop screens, get outside for some fresh air and sunshine, and clean up our communities!

How utilities promoted and celebrated Earth Day 2022. Utilities everywhere got creative for Earth Day this year. We pulled some great examples of utilities’ Earth Day promotions on social media.

Earth Day utility social media examples

Fortis Alberta celebrated Earth Day by announcing the acceptance of the Sustainable Electricity Company designation from Electricity Canada.
On Earth Day, Mississippi Power partnered with the Coast Transit Authority to unveil the first all-electric public transit bus in the state.
Omaha Public Power District encouraged the community to meet the utility at a local park to learn more about EVs.
Xcel Energy shared an image of volunteers picking up trash during the 14th Annual Amazing Eau Claire Clean-Up.

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