Paige Martin Cox brings the voice of the customer and the voice of the utility to in-house research experts and E Source members. She specializes in the Claritas Energy Behavior Track Study, the E Source Residential Customer Electrification Survey, and the Canadian Residential Customer Insights Survey. Beyond these surveys, her expertise includes survey design and sampling, quantitative research, statistical data analysis, and segmentation. In her previous position, Paige was a strategic analyst for a market research firm where she analyzed research from focus groups, intercepts, and online and telephone surveys. Her clients included the utility, advertising, healthcare, finance, legal, and consumer goods industries. Paige received a BS in marketing management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and an MBA from Mississippi State University.

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How do utility customers really feel about renewable energy?

Paige Martin
August 12, 2021

Utilities have been moving to renewable energy sources and making infrastructure investments to support the transition, but are customers on board with renewables? To find the answer, we looked at data from the Claritas Energy Behavior Track. What we found might surprise you.

How Canadian utilities can help their low-income customers

Paige Martin
June 9, 2021

The results are in from the 2021 Canadian Residential Customer Insights Survey! Check out this preview of our findings related to low-income customers and energy affordability, program participation, and paperless billing enrollment.