Paige Martin Cox brings the voice of the customer, employee, and utility to in-house research experts and E Source members. She specializes in the E Source Residential Customer Electrification Survey, the E Source Electric Vehicle Residential Customer Survey, the Claritas Energy Behavior Track Study, and the E Source Utility Employee Experience Survey. Beyond these surveys, her expertise includes survey design and sampling, quantitative research, statistical data analysis, and segmentation. Paige received a BS in marketing management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and an MBA from Mississippi State University.

Content by this author

Embrace empathy in utility bill communications

Joshua Sorensen, Hailey Gish, Paige Martin Cox
December 6, 2023

By understanding customers’ emotions at different billing touchpoints, your team can better communicate about high bills, rate increases, billing assistance programs. In this report, we offer tips to create more empathetic messaging in bill communications to low- and moderate-income customers.

Residential utility customers still have a lot to learn about EVs

Steven Day, Paige Martin Cox
August 29, 2023

Do residential utility customers have a good understanding of EVs, EV programs, and EV technology? If not, what should utilities focus their education efforts on? In this online exchange, we’ll discuss our latest EV survey results and explore how this data can guide your customer education efforts.

Utility customers still have a lot to learn about EVs, and utilities can help them

Paige Martin Cox
August 13, 2023

Customer awareness of and interest in buying EVs has never been higher. With a large impact on demand likely, utilities must be prepared to support customers’ transition to efficient, electrified technologies. Learn more about our findings from the 2023 Electric Vehicle Residential Customer Survey.

EV temperature check: Are utilities ready for the incoming EV wave?

Paige Martin Cox
February 23, 2023

Utilities are facing a once-in-a-century opportunity—or challenge—to integrate electric transportation into their program portfolios and onto the grid. Customer awareness of and interest in buying EVs has never been higher. Are utilities prepared to keep up with the demand?

How utility customers really feel about renewable energy

Liza Minor, Paige Martin Cox
October 26, 2022

In this blog post, we provide a sample of our insights into customer perceptions around renewables in 2022, using data from the E Source Residential Customer Insights Center. You can use this data to inform how you prepare for and communicate about your own renewable-energy transition.