As vice president of the Water Loss Consulting group, Kate Gasner works on the full spectrum of water loss projects and is fluent in water audit preparation, component analysis of water losses, meter testing, and flow and pressure data analysis. As coauthor of two major Water Research Foundation projects, Kate supported the development of the leakage component analysis model and designed Level 1 validation standards of care for water audit review. She is a member of the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee and has taken a lead in the development group within the software subcommittee, responsible for designing version 6 of the AWWA Free Water Audit Software. Kate is also a member of the California Water Loss Control Committee and the California Water Audit Validator Certificate Committee. She graduated from Yale with a degree in environmental engineering.

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Calling all California water agencies: Don’t delay your water audit validation this season

Kate Gasner
July 5, 2023

Water audit validation season is officially upon us. If you’re a California water agency, don't delay scheduling a water audit validation to properly assess the accuracy and reliability of your completed water audits. Our team of certified validators is ready to support you!

Strengthen your utility’s water loss control efforts to increase revenue and conserve resources

Kate Gasner, Kris Williams
February 8, 2023

Our water loss consultants are pioneers. They have years of experience and access to new tools to analyze a utility’s data to identify and reduce water loss. Here are a few ways E Source Water Loss Consulting can support your utility’s water loss projects.

Water loss mitigation can help utilities increase revenue and meet future demand

Liza Minor, Kate Gasner
November 2, 2022

Water pipes fracture and leak as they degrade over time, losing water supply and potential revenue. Learn how E Source helped a Texas utility increase revenue by capturing lost water and delivering it to customers.