Water audit validation season is officially upon us! Level 1 water audit validation is a required piece of your annual reporting in California, and we have a team of certified validators ready to support you. We recommend scheduling a validation session with us as soon as possible.

A validation session includes a thorough review of:

  • Water audit inputs
  • Supporting documentation for supply volumes, consumption volumes, and associated testing
  • Interactive Data Validity Grading Matrix entries

The E Source Water Loss Consulting team features many certified validators and experts in the field. In fact, we wrote the guidance material on water audit validation and taught the course that certifies other validators throughout the state.

Here’s some more information about what we do and what you can expect when you sign up for a water validation session with our team.

How to schedule a water audit validation session

We work to make sure that the water audit validation process with our team is fast and approachable. Once you schedule a time and date that works best for you, we’ll guide you through what to provide and how to prepare.

Important updates for this year’s validation process:

  • Your next submission must use Version 6 of the American Water Works Association’s Free Water Audit Software.
  • The deadline for the CY22 (or FY22–23) audit is January 1, 2024.

What to expect from a water audit validation session

To make sure your validation session goes as smoothly as possible, here’s what we recommend.

How to prepare:

  • Invite representatives from teams involved in water audit data collection. We find it helpful to have staff members from departments like engineering, billing, distribution, and finance on validation calls.
  • Review the supporting document package your agency submitted to our Water Loss Consulting team and be prepared to discuss.
  • Allocate two full hours for the call itself.

What to expect:

  • The call will cover detailed information about your agency’s infrastructure, data-handling policies, and instrument maintenance practices.
  • There may be follow-up items that will require you to share extra data or information after the call.
  • Once the requirements of validation have been met, our team will return a validated water audit, a validation certificate, detailed notes from the call, and directions for submitting materials to the California Department of Water Resources.

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