The E Source Water Loss Consulting team is certified to conduct Level 1 validations in California and Georgia. Reserve a validation session with us below to begin working with us!

Schedule and contract

Let’s get a time on the books for your validation call using the scheduling tool below.


Select the time for your level 1 validation session below. We encourage you to select a session as early as possible.


Upon reserving a validation session, we will connect with you on contracting. In the meantime, please reference the documents below to understand the standard scope for validation.

Scope example:

scope of work thumbnail image

Upload documents

Find a list of required and supplemental supporting documents in the table below. Once you’ve assembled the materials, upload them using the portal.

List of supporting documents



Complete AWWA Free Water Audit Software VERSION 6 (Excel spreadsheet; must be CY23 or FY 23-24) Customer meter inaccuracy derivation
Volume from own sources volumes by month by finished water supply meter Average operating pressure derivation
Water imported volumes by month by import connection Customer retail unit cost derivation
Water exported volumes by month by export connection Variable production cost derivation
Metered consumption volumes by month and rate code (e.g., charge status, water type, customer class) System schematic showing locations of own source, import, and export meters
Supply meter testing and/or calibration documentation, if conducted

Document upload portal

Validation session

To make sure your validation session goes as smoothly as possible, here’s some information about how to prepare and what to expect.

How to prepare

  • Invite representatives from teams involved in water audit data collection. We find it helpful to have staff members from departments like engineering, billing, distribution, and finance on validation calls.
  • Review the supporting document package your agency submitted to our water loss consulting team and be prepared to discuss.
  • Allot two full hours for the call itself.

What to expect

  • The call will cover some detailed information about your agency’s infrastructure, data-handling policies, and instrument maintenance practices.
  • There may be follow-up items that will require you to share additional data or information after the call.
  • Once the requirements of validation have been met, our team will return a validated water audit, a validation certificate, detailed notes from the call, and directions for submitting materials to the Department of Water Resources (DWR).