Akila Sarathy works with utilities to analyze and improve their customer strategies. She focuses on helping utilities create intuitive and engaging digital experiences for customers. Prior to joining the team at E Source, Akila worked as a user experience designer for Cambio Labs where she created an onboarding experience. In this position, she led user interviews, guided design decisions, emphasized the importance of a user-focused approach, and served as the point of contact for all stakeholder interactions. Akila earned a BA in psychology with a minor in digital technology from Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

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E Source customer experience glossary

Akila Sarathy, Jeffrey Daigle, Eryc Eyl
November 9, 2023

This glossary of customer experience (CX) terms will help you understand common CX buzzwords that you may be unfamiliar with. We’ll continue to make updates, and we encourage you to send us your definitions and recommendations. We’re all better off when we’re speaking the same language!

How to deflect calls and improve self-service

Akila Sarathy
August 28, 2023

By reducing the number of calls your contact center receives, you’ll likely reduce operating costs and increase customer and employee satisfaction. Learn how to create an effective call-deflection strategy, so contact center agents can spend more time focusing on the customer experience.