John McCracken oversees analysis and reporting for E Source customer data. He studies how our customers use our work and uses those findings to guide our future content. Before joining E Source, John was a marketing director for a nonprofit organization leading Colorado’s healthcare reform efforts. He was also an account director and planner at advertising and marketing agencies in Chicago and Denver. His work experience includes planning and implementing marketing campaigns for organizations such as Snickers, Pfizer, the Colorado Department of Health, and Tri-State Generation and Transmission. John has a BS from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, with an emphasis on finance and entrepreneurship.

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How your voice helps guide E Source research and content

John McCracken
October 29, 2020

For more than 30 years, our customers have guided our research efforts. Now it's even easier to make your voice heard. Have you noticed the bright, new feature at the end of our reports, event recordings, and Ask E Source answers? We've added a brief survey!