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At the 2019 E Source Forum, we interviewed some of our session speakers about key points in their presentations.

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For decades, companies have used technology to cut costs, but now they’re also using it to improve experiences. When employees are enabled and empowered with the right tools, they’re more satisfied, more engaged, and more productive. A few utilities—including Duke Energy and NiSource—have figured out how to keep up with changing employee expectations. They’re leveraging technology that improves communication and collaboration, making it easier to recruit, equip, and retain great employees who love their jobs—while getting better business results.

After the session, we asked Martha Brown, the product owner of Duke Energy’s employee portal, a few questions about her presentation. Check out her video responses below. And if you’re an E Source member, visit the E Source Forum 2019 page to download the presentation.

  • How does the Duke intranet succeed in engaging its employees? Why should utilities care about employee engagement? (0:11)
  • Why did you choose SharePoint as your technology platform? What benefits do you get from it being cloud-based? (1:15)
  • You designed your intranet project to support corporate objectives. Did that facilitate and inform intranet design? Was it easier, then, to get buy-in on the project? (1:55)
  • How do you generate content for your portal? (3:00)

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