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Just when you thought E Source DSM Insights and Measure Insights couldn’t get any better, we’ve got good news! DSM Insights, the tool for benchmarking program and portfolio performance, and Measure Insights, the tool for comparing data across technical reference manuals, are moving to a new and improved platform.

The two upgrades we’re most excited about are:

  • User interface facelifts that will make it easier to quickly navigate to the data you need
  • A new dashboard to benchmark utility portfolio-level data

You’ll learn:

  • How to use apps instead of dashboards
  • How to filter to access the relevant data for your query
  • How to leverage the new Benchmark My Portfolio dashboard
  • How to get access to additional training, reference guides, and resources


Zack Tamble, Director, Policy and Subscription New Products, E Source
Jordan Tobey, Engagement Director, E Source

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